About Us

Our Vision

SR is an independent visual design consultancy, committed to producing bespoke premium work with a unique personal touch, showcasing our clients products and services in the best possible unique and engaging ways.

SR was originally conceived in 2011 and during its relatively short history our business has developed a client base that would be the envy of much larger and older businesses working within our specialist industry.

We love working with people and forging long-lasting relationships, this allows us to fully understand our clients needs and therefore achieve the best possible outcomes. The SR approach centres on building teams around client projects to ensure that we only use the right people with the right specialist skills and knowledge for the right projects. As the SR business has developed we have attracted some of the best talents to work with us from around the world to meet our clients specific needs. This allows us to achieve the premium quality that we strive for, while being economical and achieving true value for our clients.

SR trades as ’S and R Partners Consulting Limited’

The Directors


Simon Jones

After being a contractor with leading agencies, Simon co-founded SR in 2011. Simon has successfully built up a network of growing relationships with clients who have trusted on and relied on SR to deliver consistent creative excellence. Simon is a natural leader and manager, and having had over 10 years experience in the 3D / design industry working in broadcast, film and branding, Simon has worked with the best. Simon’s expertise as a visualiser, animator and experiential architect has seen SR create a network of the most skilled creative teams.

Additionally, Simon has a passion for self initiated projects. He initiated and managed a global collaborative project called Resonance which pooled talent from 31 different artists/studios. Resonance was presented at over 10 film festivals globally and additionally, Simon attended as a guest speaker at a number of industry leading festivals, companies and universities, including at Pixar Animation Studios. As well as Resonance, Simon produced another global collaborative project called Parasite Choi and took part in a remake of the Ghost in The Shell title sequence which also were very well received around the World.


Niccy Jones

Niccy has nearly 10 years broad experience in the Design and Animation Industry and has worked with GSK, BBC, Post Office, ITV and many more international brands. More recently Niccy has been Director of Knots&Bows and is currently Director of SR Partners (who acquired Knots&Bows in 2015).

Whilst initially specialising in television channel branding, Niccy has, in more recent years diversified her skills and has worked on broader branding activities, brand films and 3D visualisation for many high profile clients. Niccy’s background is in creative thinking, design and animation and having gained many years of experienced is now extremely competent in creative direction, art direction and management. 

As a background to her design, direction and management skills, Niccy designed, produced, directed and animated a series of animations for the Post Office and the BBC. She led the projects from start to finish, including- staffing, designing characters and the general look and feel, shot selection, animation, sourcing audio, managing feedback and delivering on time and on budget.