Project: Collab-O-Distance

Info: Rapid R&D explorations using the Volume system in Cinema 4D

Creative Studio: SR Partners

Sound: Three versions one released each Friday – Sound Canvas, Echolab and Box Of Toys Audio

When you are a kid and told not to push that button… you push it right? After hearing day after day on the news about distancing ourselves from one another we went the other way and worked together.. well digitally anyway.
We collaborated with SoundCanvas, Echolab and Box Of Toys Audio who created awesome soundscapes to some visual explorations we created using Volumes in Cinema 4D and rendered through Octane 4.05. We were interested to see how versatile the software was and how we can create differing looks. We then added the grade and final touches in After Effects and using Looks.

For now we have three explorations but may come back to this in the future.




Box Of Toys Audio: