Project: McLaren Speedtail

Client: R&D explorations

Creatives: SR Partners and Renato Marques

Animation: SR Partners

Music and Sound Design: Echolab

Info: SR reached out to Renato Marques in summer 2019 to see if he would be interested in collaborating on a McLaren Speedtail visual investigation. It was a stop start process for a while with commercial projects taking over for both of SR and Renato but the last few months gave us the opportunity to push the project to completion.

The McLaren Speedtail is an incredible piece of engineering and we both wanted to dive in and look at the form in many different ways. Dark environments, light environments, close ups, wide, varying software depending on what we wanted to achieve. SR sees this is an ongoing case study project which we will continue to add to going forward using different technologies to explore different outcomes.

We started with creating still renders some of which are displayed below trying different approaches. This was originally the aim of the project but after being bitten by the bug SR took it a step further after asking the question: ‘ I wonder what a camera move on this angle would look like…” we found ourselves going down the rabbit hole and finding all new interesting ways to showcase the vehicle in motion.

SR reached out to Echolab to see if he would be interested in adding his insane skills to the mix and thankfully he was happy to jump onboard!

The below stills were created using Cinema 4D (Octane and Redshift) as well as Unreal Engine 4.25.

We look forward to the next chapter of this project but for now we pause.


Looping trailer released on social media ahead of the final release:

UE4 exploration: